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The real high heels?? What... stilettos aren't enough?!  What do you mean REAL HIGH HEELS?!  This Atlanta and Denver based Photographer was honored to photograph the GORGEOUS Stephens County High School Senior Kaitlin!  She has the BEST high heels!

I have been photographing this sweet and beautiful soul for many many moons now... when she asked me to take her Senior Pictures she also wanted to do some dance portraits.  We have been on this road before... LITERALLY... but this shoot was so much fun! We photographed until after the sun went down!

Some photographers choose specialties and often I am asked what is mine... well fine art is my specialty... but... I LOVE SENIOR SESSIONS!! Why?!

Senior Sessions allow for so much ART!!  I LOVE delivering VIVID and DETAILED fine art photography... and I love me some MOODY, ARTSY shots!!  Kaitlin just makes you stop and CATCH YOUR BREATH and her SMILE lights up the world.

One of my favorite songs from when I was young... yes y'all from the 90's... is TLC's Waterfalls.  The lyrics say "Don't go chasing waterfalls, stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to..."  I remember my debate coach telling us how stupid she thought that was.  

Back then, I was all about defending my youthful artistic choices but... as a grown woman... do I want to tell the youth of today to stick to what you know??

what you're used to??


GO OUT IN THIS WORLD and chase ALL the waterfalls!  FIND YOUR DREAMS, take hold of them and MAKE THEM COME TRUE!!

Dance is the JOY of movement...and the HEART of LIFE...

Sweet Kaitlin... it has been a joy to see you grow... see you dance... see you act... hear you sing... and watch you SHINE...

Go out there amazing girl and CONQUER the world!!

XOXO ~ Bobbie

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Once Upon A Mermaid https://www.enchantedimages.photo/blog/2018/8/once-upon-a-mermaid Advice From a Mermaid

Beauty comes from within

Sea treasures in simple things

Take time to shellabrate

Share life's joyful song

Make a wish upon a starfish

Let your conchience guide you

Don't turn tail and hide

Believe in Magic!!

Recently I have found myself surrounded my Mermaids... Summertime always brings Mermaids to my shore.  As the Premier Fine Art Photographer in Northeast Georgia I offer A Mermaid Tale Session from June through August every year.

I have a smattering of openings left for August.  Visit www.enchantedimagesphotography.bigcartel.com to book yours!


These mystical creatures always bring such smiles! ~Bobbie =)





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Cooper is One https://www.enchantedimages.photo/blog/2018/8/cooper-is-one Today is extra special because you turn ONE!

We'll have cake and ice cream and have lots of fun.

It seems like just yesterday, you were brand new...

and now there are so many things you can do!


We'll light your first candle and make a big fuss...

to be sure that you know you are precious to us!


Today's extra special because you turn ONE...

and the best thing of all is your life's just begun!!


It was my pleasure to photograph the Bulldog's Number ONE fan!!

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Sweet Baby S https://www.enchantedimages.photo/blog/2018/4/sweet-baby-s I am so incredibly honored and lucky to be a Lifestyle Newborn Photographer here in North East Georgia.  It's an honor to witness so many miracles and precious family moments.  I absolutely LOVE Lifestyle Newborn Photography.  It was my great honor to capture these precious first moments with the Reiger Family and their sweet baby S who was just under 2 weeks new.  May your dreams continue to come true!!


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Amelia is One https://www.enchantedimages.photo/blog/2018/3/amelia-is-one I was so super excited to meet sweet Amelia and her family for her Cake Smash session.  I was so surprised by this precious girl and all of her big smiles!! Cake Smashes are such fun!!

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Senior Favorites https://www.enchantedimages.photo/blog/2018/3/senior-favorites I have been photographing at Stephens County High School for three years.  This endeavor started when some of my mom friends asked me to inquire about it so I could photograph their girls, they were rising Sophomores at the time.  I have learned so much during this time with SCHS and have met some pretty incredible people.  It has been an honor to photograph these kids during various sports and activities.  This is my third Senior Favorites session and while every picture I take holds so much meaning for me... these are just a bit more.  The 2018 Senior Favorites are now available for purchase in the Team & Individual Gallery on the SCHS tab.  Here is just a sampling of this awesomeness. ~Bobbie =)

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Backstage at Miss SCHS with EIP's Junior Photographer https://www.enchantedimages.photo/blog/2018/2/backstage-at-miss-schs-with-eips-junior-photographer They say that your children model your behavior... I guess it isn't out of the ordinary that my little Rhiannon LOVES to take pictures.  My darling girl is 10 years old and is the proud owner of her Momma's old Rebel t3i.  She is pretty savvy with it and will photograph anything.  Needless to say she was over the moon when given her first assignment.  She was asked to photograph Backstage at the Miss SCHS Pageant for Stephens County High School.  Our little community here is pretty close-knit and she is star-struck by a lot of these young ladies and let's be honest... girly girl with camera sent backstage for a pageant?? Yes y'all!! She had a BLAST!! THANK YOU to all of the Contestants for being so sweet to my little Rhi Rhi.  Thank you for being yourselves for her camera.  Thank you for making her feel so special as she tried to make you feel special during this amazing event.  These pictures are up in the Action Gallery in the SCHS portion of my webpage and are yours FREE.  When you are sharing, if you are sharing on Instagram, please TAG @stormgirl07 for your photo creds and give my darling a reason to smile. =)


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Your Home Town Agent https://www.enchantedimages.photo/blog/2018/2/your-home-town-agent It was too much fun photographing Patrick Klug and his AWESOME staff throughout Historic Downtown Toccoa, The Reservation and Toccoa Falls.  Stop by their office in Toccoa, Georgia sometime! =)

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Winter Formal https://www.enchantedimages.photo/blog/2018/2/winter-formal It is always a treat to photograph stunning Kaitlin and her Zack.  With her amazing umbrella toting Mother we braved the rain at gorgeous Georgia Baptist Convention Center and took some pretty incredible Winter Formal photographs.

(Enchanted Images Photography) atlanta fine art photographer atlanta portraiture atlanta premier photographer gbcc georgia baptist convention center winter formal https://www.enchantedimages.photo/blog/2018/2/winter-formal Wed, 14 Feb 2018 20:28:04 GMT
Muse https://www.enchantedimages.photo/blog/2018/2/muse muse1



  1. 1

    (in Greek and Roman mythology) each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences.

    synonyms: inspiration, creative influence, stimulus; 


    "the poet's muse"

  2. 2

    a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

    synonyms: inspiration, creative influence, stimulus; 


    "the poet's muse"

It was my pleasure to capture GORGEOUS Aubrey for her traffic-stopping Headshots in Historic Downtown Toccoa, Ga.  

(Enchanted Images Photography) atlanta child photographer atlanta fine art portraiture atlanta headshots atlanta portfolio atlanta premier photographer fine art fine art photographer headshots modelesque north georgia headshots north georgia portfolio portfolio portrait photography portraiture your life in art https://www.enchantedimages.photo/blog/2018/2/muse Mon, 12 Feb 2018 23:39:25 GMT
All Fine Art All The Time https://www.enchantedimages.photo/blog/2018/2/all-fine-art-all-the-time There are not enough words for me to describe how thankful I am for my journey with Enchanted Images Photography.  In 2012, in beautiful Toccoa, Georgia, I was inspired by my friends to start my Photography Business.  Through the support of all of the incredible folks in Stephens County, my dream started becoming a reality.  Since 2012, I have furthered my education, developed wonderful relationships and clientele, gained a second photographer and an apprentice, and realized EVERY moment of your life should be captured in art.  I sought opinions from other professionals in my field.  Their advice was, pick a specialty Bobbie.  Find your passion in this artistic field.  Is my passion Dance? Is my passion Seniors? Is my passion Fairytales? Is my passion Styled Shoots? Weddings? Families??

Whether you are watching your child on the cusp of adulthood twirling under the Friday Night Lights, or watching your Dancer leap in an everyday alley, or chasing your toddler through a field at golden hour, or seeing your little boy swing his bat at his first game of Rookie League, or watching your Senior break through those last moments of childhood as they radiate in front of my lens, or looking into your husband's eyes as he rests his hands on your baby to be, or you are walking your daughter to her groom thankful all of your tears of joy will be perfectly captured, or standing back watching your child's first pictures on pointe showing you a glimpse of the talented woman she is to be, or sharing a sweet moment with your beloved know every single second will be relived again and again, or holding your family in your lap and taking that picture your mother wants so much... EVERY MOMENT of your life is ART!! 

So what is my specialty?? Fine Art Photography.  All Fine Art all the Time.  Your life is ART!! Shouldn't your portraits be??


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